Hotel Belmar: The Ghost Has the Key      click here for a Review


Lori Moyer is so enthralled by the energies within Hotel Belmar that she begins to interview people who remember the glitz and glory of this revered icon of Mazatlán, Mexico. If only the ghosts rumored to haunt the old hotel would tell ‘first hand’ tales of this historic place, her interviews would make an amazing collection!

Enter Lori’s estranged best friend, Cynthia, who checks into Hotel Belmar seeking a new life. Once a dancer, Cynthia desperately flees the ghost of the man who has left her destitute and broken. As Lori struggles to make a book of Belmar stories, she secretly hopes to rekindle  friendship, while Cynthia plunges into the mysteries and dreams of the commoners and celebrities, some living—some in phantom form, who like her, and like the hotel, dared the dizzying heights of greatness.

Will they discover secrets in boarded up rooms, locked tight as unforgiving hearts? Ahhhh—The ghost has the key.

Magic Doors to the Unforgettable. Untold tales and meaningful encounters .

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