A story. Old Soldier



Old Soldier

A Story by Coyote Poetry


Only Soldiers understand what another soldier had seen and felt. Strangers to war and violence cannot understand. When you are near death for too long. You appreciate being alive.


                                    Old Soldier
He had a hard face. He was drinking his whiskey and Miller beer. He was a retired soldier drinking alone in the dancing/bowling tavern near the Seaside beach. His hard face turn friendly when another soldier slapped his back and told him. “Almost time to go home Sergeant Major.” He told the bar-girl. A double jack and a cold tapped beer for my friend. He turned around and gave me a hug bear hugged and told me.”Good to see you Johnnie. I got you a young filly from Kentucky with  legs as long as the Texas highways. I told her you are going to be a General. If you are nice…

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